The Chica and Heinz Schaller Research Award

Applications are open to non-tenured scientists with an excellent record of independent achievements as a junior group leader in biomedicine. There is no strict age restriction although candidates tend to be below or not significantly older than 40 years. Periods of parental leave or special circumstances are considered at the discretion of the Board. Candidate autonomy should be documented by outstanding publications arising from his/her own independent research group as a senior author and this is an important requirement.

The research group should be located at one of the institutions of Heidelberg University. In case of dual affiliations, the primary affiliation of the applicant must be Heidelberg University.

Applications from scientists holding a W2/W3 professorship or an equivalent senior and tenured positions will not be considered. Junior/W1 professors without tenure are welcome to apply.

Reapplications by previous applicants who did not win the award are possible, if the requirements stated above are fulfilled.

Of the 100,000 € award, 90.000 € is specified for the pursuit of the awardee’s research. The remaining 10,000 € can be used at his/her discretion.

The Foundation will consider applications that are submitted until 14th June 2024.

Submit a PDF version of the following documents (in 11-point-type) to

  • Summary of current scientific achievements (one page).
  • Research plan (one page).
  • CV (one to two pages).
  • List of publications (original papers and reviews, abstracts and talks should be omitted).
  • Prizes and awards.
  • Third-party funding including principal investigator, funding organisation, duration and amount.
  • Members of the applicant’s research group including information on the funding of positions.
  • Signed privacy policy statement (Download here)

Please, no reprints, preprints or academic certificates.