First call for Schaller Research Groups 2011

After the initial call for applications for Schaller Research Groups, five group leaders were funded from 2012 onwards.

Cellular Polarity and Viral Infection

Dr. Steve Boulant

The laboratory is interested in how intestinal epithelial cells that line the gut surface can tolerate the presence of the commensal microflora and at the same time recognize and fight enteric pathogens.


Dr. Valery Grinevich

We aim to study mechanisms of neuropeptide actions in the mammalian brain.

Norovirus Research

Dr. Grant Hansman

The purpose of my research group is to better understand norovirus capsid flexibility with respect to receptor binding interactions and virus evolution with the ultimate aim of developing norovirus antivirals.

Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Invasion

Dr. Björn Tews

Analyzing lipid profiles of different glioma cell populations and signaling of related G-protein coupled receptors is a main part of our research. The ultimate goal is to identify the functional consequences of these deregulated signaling cascades on tumor cell migration and invasion.

Proteostasis in Neurodegenerative Disease

Dr. Thomas Jahn

The main interest of our lab is to advance our understanding of the molecular events triggered by protein misfolding and the subsequent impact of protein aggregation on cellular integrity.