Second call for Schaller Research Groups 2016

After the second call for applications for Schaller Research Groups in 2016, six group leaders were funded from 2017 onwards.

Hepatitis E Research
Dr. Viet Loan Dao Thi

We use stem cell-derived culture models to study hepatitis E virus (HEV) life cycle and HEV-host interactions.

Neuronal Signaling and Morphogenesis Laboratory
Dr. Annarita Patrizi

Our laboratory ultimate goal is to identify instructive signals essential for the brain maturation and specificity

Neuron-glia interactions in the brain
Dr. Amit Agarwal

My lab study how neurons and glia cells interact, interconnect and integrate into the neural circuits of brain.

Membrane virology of viral infection
Dr. Petr Chlanda

We are interested in studying how viruses interact with cellular membranes and lipids during infection. We use cryo-electron microscopy techniques in conjunction with other imaging methods, such as fluorescence microscopy and imaging mass spectrometry, to structurally characterize influenza A and Ebola virus protein-membrane interactions during entry.

Laboratory of Neural circuits and Behavior
Dr. Claudio Acuna Goycolea

We are interested in understanding the genetic, synaptic, and circuit basis of innate social behaviors such as aggression, mating, and parenting. Our ultimate goal is to generate a comprehensive understanding of the regulation of these behaviors in the normal brain and their dysregulation in models of neuropsychiatric disorders.